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MY DAY IS RUINED!Four simple steps for creative problem solving


A Story for Teaching Flexible Thinking

By Bryan Smith. Illustrated by Lisa M. Griffin. Teach students to control their impulses and avoid overreacting with four simple steps for flexible thinking: take a deep breath, realize that some things are out of your control, change your plan, and accept the change. Braden is frustrated when his championship baseball game is canceled, when his math assignment is too hard, and when his favorite food is taken off the lunch menu—his days are ruined, and there's nothing he can do about it! But then his mom and teacher explain the four steps, and when he uses them he realizes that change doesn't have to be bad and that sometimes creative problem solving can lead to an even better outcome. Includes tips for parents and educators. Grades K–5. Boys Town. 31 pages. ©2016.

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