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YOUTHLIGHT THUMBALLSInteractive discussion starters


Start candid discussions and gain insight into students' thoughts and feelings with these interactive counseling tools. Toss a soft, stuffed ball to a student; when they catch it, they respond to the prompt beneath their thumb. Sample discussion-starters include "How is anger like blowing up a balloon?," "How can jealousy cause drama?," and "Describe your talents." Well-suited for use in small or large groups, icebreakers also promote interpersonal skills like taking turns, making eye contact, and listening. Approximately 4" in diameter. Grades 2–8.

QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
YL270-WBSCR COMPLETE SET: 17 thumballs $228.65
YL271-WBSCR 893012001246 ANGER MANAGEMENT $14.95
YL272-WBSCR 893012001949 CATCH A CAREER $14.95
YL273-WBSCR 893012001369 EMOJI FEELINGS $14.95
YL274-WBSCR 893012001659 EMPATHY $14.95
YL275-WBSCR 893012001536 PUT-UPS (NOT PUT-DOWNS) $14.95
YL276-WBSCR 893012001253 GROUP STARTER $14.95
YL277-WBSCR 893012001895 INNER BEAUTY $14.95
YL278-WBSCR 893012001543 MINDFULNESS $14.95
YL279-WBSCR 893012001727 PERSONAL STRENGTHS $14.95
YL280-WBSCR 893012001932 RESILIENCY $14.95
YL281-WBSCR 893012001963 SCHOOL SUCCESS $14.95
YL282-WBSCR 893012001888 SELF-CONTROL $14.95
YL283-WBSCR 893012001642 STOP BULLYING $14.95
YL284-WBSCR 893012001734 STOP THE DRAMA $14.95
YL285-WBSCR 893012001956 TEAM BUILDING $14.95
YL286-WBSCR 893012001512 TEEN ISSUES $14.95
YL287-WBSCR 893012001161 TEST BUSTER $14.95

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