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MOST PEOPLEReassure children that the world is not always as scary as it seems


By Michael Leannah. Illustrated by Jennifer E. Morris. Most people love to smile and laugh, want to help when someone is in trouble, and like thinking good thoughts. Upbeat words and vibrant, detailed images move readers through crowded urban streets, emphasizing that in the myriad interactions of daily existence most people are well intended. A hulking man with tattoos and chains is shown assisting an elderly woman onto a bus; a man buys a pie for a homeless woman; a young woman comforts a child who has fallen off her bike. While acknowledging that there are dangers and that some people do bad things, the focus is on kindness and the far greater number of good people in this world. The reassuring message presents an antidote to the scary reports kids hear and see every day in the media and from the anxious adults in their lives. Pre-K–3. Tilbury House. 40 pages. ©2017.

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