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GETTING THE JOB YOU REALLY WANT SETLearn how to identify key skills, meet employers' expectations, write a superior resume, and more


By Michael Farr. From a best-selling career expert, this set introduces important topics on getting a good job in less time. The ten-part DVD series covers specific topics, such as getting to know what an employer wants, using traditional job-searching methods, answering tough interview questions, and more. The workbook features tips on identifying key skills, meeting your employer's expectations, and writing a superior resume and cover letter. The instructor's resource CD-ROM includes lesson plans, group activities, discussion questions, and presentation tips, worksheets, assignments, rubrics, handouts, and PowerPoint slides to accompany the workbook. Grades 9–12. Index. JIST. Sixth Edition. ©2011.

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QuantityOrder CodeISBNMedia/ContentPrice
JS240DV-WBSCR COMPLETE SET: 10 DVDs, workbook, instructor's resource CD-ROM $1,104.90
JS330DV-WBSCR 9781593578299 10-part DVD series $995.00
JS341-WBSCR 9781593578329 Workbook (240 pages) $32.95
JS343CD-WBSCR 9781593578572 Instructor's resource CD-ROM $76.95

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