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RUMORS, GOSSIP, AND TEASING—IT HURTSThree scenarios demonstrate how harassment hurts


"It's not fun if someone is scared or getting hurt." That's the takeaway message from one of three well-acted scenarios about harassment. When Hannah sees Emily crying in the school hallway, she tells everyone—and untrue rumors quickly spread. When Jackson picks up his little sister's stuffed animal, his "friends" taunt him. And when Samantha teases Elaine at a sleepover, no one but Samantha sees the humor. Thought-provoking onscreen discussion questions follow each scenario. An accompanying CD-ROM offers a 26-page teacher's guide with script, activity ideas, and reproducible handouts. Grades 3–6. Color. 15 minutes. Cerebellum. ©2012.

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GHM322DV-WBSCR 9781618672124 DVD, CD-ROM $79.95

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