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HIGH ANXIETYExplanations of symptoms and ways to cope


Causes, Symptoms, Help

Help teens identify if they have an anxiety disorder with this illuminating program that provides explanations of symptoms and ways to cope. A group of teens plus two clinical psychologists discuss the types of things that cause anxiety in young people, such as challenging tests, meeting new people, competing in school sports, and public speaking. Some of the disorders discussed are generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), panic disorder, social anxiety, and phobias. The program stresses the importance of seeking professional help when anxiety involves more than temporary worry or fear. A pdf teacher's guide contains student handouts and pre- and post-tests. Grades 7–12. Spanish subtitles. Closed captioned. Color. 19 minutes. Human Relations Media. ©2018.

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HRM692DV-WBSCR 9781627060998 DVD (widescreen) $149.95

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